Monday, November 3, 2008

About ARMv6

The ARMv6 architecture, announced in 2001, features improvements in many areas covering the memory system, improved exception handling and better support for multiprocessing environments. ARMv6 also includes media instructions to support Single Instruction Multiple Data(SIMD) software execution. The SIMD extensions are optimized for a broad range of software applications including video and audio codecs, where the extensions increase performance by up to four times. In addition Thumb-2 and TrustZone® technologies were introduced as variants of the ARMv6 architecture. The first implementation of the ARMv6 architecture was the ARM1136J(F)-STM processor announced in Spring 2002, followed by the ARM1156T2(F)-STM and the ARM1176JZ(F)-STM processors in 2003.

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