Monday, November 3, 2008

TrustZoneTM and IEM Enabled Applications Processors for Consumer and Wireless in ARM Proceressor

The ARM1176JZ-S and ARM1176JZF-S processors featuring ARM TrustZone technology, and ARM Jazelle® technology for efficient embedded Java execution, are designed for use as applications processors in consumer and wireless products. ARM TrustZone technology provides support within the CPU and platform architecture for building the trusted computing environments required to enable protection of critical system functions from downloaded applications, copyright protection of downloaded media, safe over-the-air system upgrades.
Both processors feature the ARMv6 instruction set architecture, with media processing extensions, ARM
Jazelle technology, and ARM Thumb® for compact code. The ARM1176JZF-S processor also features an integrated floating point coprocessor, which makes it particularly suitable for embedded 3D-graphics applications. These are also the first processors to integrate support for ARM Intelligent Energy Manager (IEM) technology which can reduce processor energy consumption by up to 60% - making them ideal for cell-phone, PDA, hand-held game and other portable consumer devices.
These processors feature AXI interfaces compatible with the latest AMBATM 3 AXITM specification, and offering higher system bus bandwidth with fewer bus layers and rapid timing closure.

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